At Shift we pride ourselves in fanatical customer service with our core focus on human centric lighting.

Human centric lighting focuses on improving productivity and mood. These factors are vital to our daily lives.
The circadian rhythm or body clock is significantly affected by light, which assists in regulating many physiological processes.
Our lighting solutions focus on helping you to function optimally in various environments based on this physiology.
Shift takes care of all your lighting needs from design, to supply, installation, and maintenance, whilst ensuring fanatical customer service. We place great emphasis on the long-term cost saving benefits of using energy efficient LED technology.
We offer imported LED products as well as locally manufactured lighting backed by factory warranties.
Shift is an appointed distributor of Verbatim LED lighting and through this relationship we offer luminaires, dimmable high performance and home range LEDs for the home and office space.
We pride ourselves on shifting people’s perceptions of lighting and how this influences and affects our day-to-day living.

Our Products

Verbatim Domestic Lighting

Verbatim Commercial Lighting

ALX Area Luminaires

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